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Welcome to Erika Beach

The beach of your vacation
Book on-line or phone us to +39 0585 309247 or +39 349 1409965

The BeachBooking

The Beach

Erika Beach

Let introduce ourselves…

For us it is important that our customers feel unique and welcomed in a family and cozy atmosphere that characterizes Erika Beach. Here you will find the scents, colors and flavors of Versilia.

Erika Beach is located in Marina di Massa at Ronchi, not far from Forte dei Marmi (5 min.), Viareggio (20 min.), Pietrasanta (20 min.).

Few days off are enough to make it rest on a different perception of the whole. Because the rhythms seem soft, even if they are not.

Relax and Regenerate

Here are our services…

Erika Beach has 42 umbrellas (furnished with two chairs and a cot), 12 gazebo (furnished with 2 deck chairs, 2 cots, 1 director chair, 1 table), 30private changing rooms. Our beach stretches for 25m beachfront and 60m in length. We have wi-fi, lounge areas, a large private parking and, for the more adventurous, we have reserved a soccer field or volleyball (7m x 14m) and surf-friendly spaces.

Our bar & restaurant will welcome you with typical dishes of Versilia, for a snack or for a relaxing lunch; and if you have to organize an event (weddings, baptisms, events, birthdays, parties, etc …), our staff is at your disposal to create the event of your dreams.

Request a quotation for your vacation at Erika Beach now! We have a custom offer just for YOU …

The Restaurant Menu

  • Meat Ragù Ravioli
    Traditional Ravioli
  • Tomato Spaghetti
    An Italian food classic
  • Fish Spaghetti
    Traditionals, tasty, fresh fish
  • Sea Lasagna
    A remake of a classic local dish
  • Genovesi Lasagna
    Portofino Pesto (with potatoes and green beans)
  • Other Off Menu
    Will surprise you … ask our staff

  • Mixed Fry
    Fried fish and squid
  • Mare Caldo
    Fresh tasty seafood
  • Marinated cod and squid
    Tasty cod and gentle squid
  • Roast Beef
    Our irresistible recipe …
  • Plate or Stewed Cuttlefish
    Simple and tasty cooking
  • Other Off Menu
    Will surprise you … ask our staff

  • French fries
    A delicacy for all
  • Mixed Salads
    Greek, Mixed, Sicilian … ask our staff
  • Tarts
    Jam or fruit
  • Tiramisù
    Cooked according to the ancient recipe
  • Fruit salads
    Fruit, fresh … with ice cream

Contact Us


Let’s Keep in Touch

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Select your option and book

We will send our best proposal to your mailbox

Fill out the form and we will send you our best quote without obligation. Be sure to indicate in the field “Other requests” if you prefer to use the communal changing or a more private and comfortable private cabin. Write other requests that could be useful to make your stay special!

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Book by Phone

Do you prefer to request a quote by phone? Call us now! You can contact us every day from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM. Our phone numbers are:

from June the 1st to September the 30th: +39 0585 309247
from October the 1st to May the 31th: +39 349 1409965

Opening hours – from June the 1st to September the 30th:

Mon – Sun, 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM